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              What is Traço?

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Having its genesis in the UrbanSketchers movement in its first national meeting, we quickly went beyond the Drawing Culture and we evolved into an international festival: TRAÇO – Drawing Festival of Alentejo.
Traço will occur in Elvas (World Heritage) and is growing, increasing the quality and number of visitors (2016 edition with more than 7000 visitors). Elvas is a drawn city (with its bastion system drew by military engineers) and is located in a central region between two countries.
Staying in a strategic and central geographical point, Traço itself has also become strategic in the cultural and social development of the region.


We have a continuously improved and expanding communications policy. Better than words are the images, videos and publications to know this project:


  1. Two promotional videos
    https://youtu.be/BwQFr-6WGlc | https://youtu.be/BS60wOdG9P4
  2. The site with connection to the 360º panoramic virtual tour of the previous edition and to the website of Forte da Graça;
  3. Short catalogue (digital and paper) and catalogue-book (with foreseen presentation during “Traço17”).


However, we would like to invite you to attend the grand opening on 13rd and 14th October, 2017.
The event takes place at Forte da Graça (http://fortegraca.aiaradc.org) during a week intense in workshops and master classes with the most respected authors (this year with Gérad Michel, Jeremy Soheylian, Alfonso Garcia, among others) and surrounded by numerous exhibitions of Drawings (Comics, UrbanSketchers, film animation, and so on).
So far, this movement has emerged and was driven by the efforts of a local Cultural Association (AIAR: www.aiaradc.org) that organizes other events of equal dimension (for instance: International War Film Festival) and by the will of the local population represented in the city council.

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              Why support us?

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  1. We have a local group of Urban Sketchers (USk da Raia: http://uskraia.aiaradc.org/) and, as such, we are users of your products. We would like, in spite of your financial support, to reckon upon your constant presence (having a small exhibition of your products during Traço);

  2. The drawings that we have been producing for some years, have been used to promote the surrounding city and region;

  3. Elvas, as a border town, is developing with Badajoz (Spain) an Eurocity. We are close to Lisbon, Évora, Seville, Cáceres, Mérida. We have about
    1 000 000 inhabitants in a range of 100 km;

  4. The local tourism had, last year, an increasing of about 300%. Some tourists are sketchers with interest in drawing the Cultural and Landscape heritage of a region, with four cities World Heritage. Elvas is in the middle and is already an itinerary of this movement;

  5. We work with the schools and we are attracting students to the Drawing Culture (they will be the future sketchers, painters and artists).


This year is very important to us and we are looking for the ideal sponsor for an event of this magnitude and, of course, it could only be Derwent:
We would like to discuss this subject in detail, and we expect to receive an answer from you.

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